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My Oil Paintings

I doodled with pencils during boring 'A' level botany lectures. I started oil painting when I was a junior doctor in the early 1970s. After a brief rest of 50 years, I began  painting again. My principal style is abstract symbolism - shapes that mean something.

As a student of science all my life, I believe in objectivity and the methods that have revealed the workings of reality (the scientific method). Science does not aim to add to reality. Its aim is to understand it.

Art is different. Every work adds something new and unique to reality or to its perception. The creations of artists exist nowhere else in the universe, other than where they choose to create them. The best artwork does, however, parallel to science when it fosters our insight into life and its predicaments.

The aesthetic decisions made by artists, defining the form and nature of their work, I find fascinating. What makes these choices 'right', appropriate, pleasing, and acceptable to those who would choose to have them in their life?

Every artist explores this question in their artwork, sometimes choosing to adapt the colours and forms to the taste of others. This has led me to produce occasional bespoke work.

Not all of my original artwork is for sale, but limited edition Giclée prints are available.

Too view a more comprehensive selection of my paintings, please visit www.uniqart4u.co.uk

Those interested in buying or commissioning an original painting, or getting limited edition copies, can contact me directly at david@daviddighton.com

Unlike science, art immediately adds something new and unique to existing reality. The creations of artists exist nowhere else other than where they choose to create them.