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A ‘Fit Mentality’ versus a ‘Fat Mentality’

WHO LOSES WINS (March 2024)


A ‘Fit Mentality’ versus a ‘Fat Mentality’

The calories we eat, and the calories we use while exercising, are the focus of every book on dieting and slimming, but typically, one key topic is missing - mentality. What drives some of us to become overweight and to fail repeatedly to lose weight, and what drives others to be slim, fit and athletic. Without suppressing our 'Fat Mentality', every weight-loss strategy is bound to last only a short time.

Psychologically, we all have a 'Fat Mentality' and 'Fit Mentality'. These two components of our eating and exercise mindset co-exist, and are forever in opposition. The 'Fat Mentality' promotes our inactivity, self-indulgence and weight gain; our 'Fit Mentality' drives our desire for activity and the disciplined control of everything we do. Because they direct what we eat, and what exercise we choose to do, they will affect our body weight.

A better understanding of the 'Fat Mentality' is crucial to everyone who has repeatedly failed to lose weight. Because it can so easily overwhelm whatever strategy we adopt, ignoring it is not an option for those who wish to succeed.  

In matters of weight control, we must consider our attitude to food and exercise, alongside food calories, portion sizes, carbohydrates in food, and the latest information about our genes, gut hormones and gut biome. A discussion of all the long-known, and new weight loss interventions, will enable individuals to choose the strategies that suit them best.

Given the liability of overweight people to diabetes and heart disease, I have added something new to the weight loss debate. Which foods are best for the heart and circulation

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